Illinois Precision Medicine Consortium (IPMC)

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Project Summary/AbstractThis is a collaborative multi-PI, multi-site application from the Illinois Precision Medicine Consortium (IPMC) toserve as a Precision Medicine Initiative (PMI) Cohort Program HPO Enrollment Center. IPMC comprises 3major Chicago-area academic institutions (Northwestern University, University of Chicago, and the Universityof Illinois at Chicago) and their healthcare provider organization (HPO) partners across Illinois. Our overallscientific goal is to recruit and examine a large and diverse cohort of individuals across all age groups fromboth sexes, including both healthy people and those with pre-existing diseases (without regard to specificdisease type), and to follow them through innovative mobile health technologies, electronic health records(EHR), and health insurance claims data to enable linkage of genetic and environmental exposures with abroad array of health outcomes. The consortium brings together extensive preexisting research resourcesacross the 3 academic institutions, as well as the widespread, yet geographically distinct, service areas of theirHPO partners representing numerous ethnically and socioeconomically diverse Chicago and Illinoiscommunities. Specific Aims for the UG3 Phase (Year 01) are: Aim 1. Study goals: Recruit, consent, examine,collect biospecimens, and transmit curated data and processed biosamples to the PMI Coordinating andBiobanking Centers, on at least 10,000 people from diverse ethnic, social, and economic backgrounds who arepatients in one of the 3 Illinois area HPOs (and their affiliates). Aim 2. Pilot projects: Conduct a series ofrecruitment pilot studies in the participating HPO settings, with detailed tracking of success rates, includingpercentage participation and diversity of participation, and from these studies discern the most effectiverecruitment strategies for each participating HPO. Aim 3. Milestones: Meet our stated milestones thatdemonstrate our success in reaching short-term goals for organization, participation in national planning, andsuccessful recruitment and logistics. Aim 4. Collaboration: Collaborate with other PMI sites in protocoldevelopment, Steering Committee (SC) and other committee engagement to plan for success of the overallPMI. Specific Aims for the UH3 Phase (Years 02-05) are similar to the above with additional emphasis onaccelerating and expanding recruitment and participant retention activities in order to enroll at least 35,000participants per year. We also plan to capitalize on opportunities to advance precision medicine science byparticipating in research studies as agreed upon by the PMI SC. In addition, we will develop and proposeancillary studies that engage the scientific expertise across our 3 Chicago-area research institutions.
Effective start/end date7/6/166/30/21


  • National Institutes of Health: $5,301,304.00


Precision Medicine
Health Personnel
Biomedical Technology
Preexisting Condition Coverage
Genetic Linkage
Electronic Health Records
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